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Saving Time

Preparing a schedule is a tedious distraction. With dozens of considerations and hundreds of options, the task can easily consume hours upon hours. Intrigma’s scheduling software eliminates the complexities, allowing a fair schedule to be produced quickly and confidently.

Proactive Vacation Scheduling

Creating the vacation schedule requires knowledge of how many individuals are away each day. In a cross-functional group with various specialties, this task becomes even more complicated. Intrigma’s anesthesia staff scheduling software enables everyone to see in real time who’s available and which areas of the organization have reached their limit for number of people with the proper skill mix. Scheduling then becomes free of surprises, errors and frustration.

Fits Your Group’s Policies

When reviewing scheduling software solutions, it is key to pick one that can truly reflect your group’s scheduling rules. Intrigma Scheduler for Anesthesia Departments was specifically designed to be fully customized to fit.

Ensuring Adequate Staffing

Using Intrigma’s online staff scheduling software, your group can ensure you have sufficient staff each day across all specialties: cardiac, pediatrics, etc.

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