When all else fails, take a summer vacation

It’s summer! For many, summer means traveling to exotic locations, family backyard barbecues and baseball games. For doctors and nurses working in healthcare, summer may not always include time spent on a luxurious vacation. Especially if you’re a “newbie.”


Vacation, it’s all I ever wanted


Paid vacations are one of the most desirable benefits that employees seek when they are looking for their dream jobs. However, if you are a rookie nurse or physician, you don’t just get vacation time. You’ve got to accrue it. 

Nurses who are considered new hires in a healthcare organization, may find that they accrue vacation and sick leave hours at a lower rate than fellow colleagues who have more seniority based on being hired earlier. This common practice is called “tiered employment.” Accrued vacation dates are exhibited on pay stubs. Depending on the healthcare facility, accrued vacation hours may have an expiration date. 

On average, nurses receive two weeks paid vacation time per year, as opposed to physicians who typically receive 2 weeks or less vacation time off annually. The same study also found that employed physicians enjoy slightly more vacation time than self-employed physicians. 


Vacation time can help avoid burnout 


Spending time lounging on a tropical beach can help any healthcare employee avoid burnout.  Working excessively leads to imbalances with work and family life. Studies show that when nurses and physicians are experiencing burnout, they are more likely to call in sick and use their sick time. 

Taking time off for a vacation has positive health benefits on mental health, can lower stress levels and can also help employees sleep better, which leads to better job performance. Employees who worked at places that encouraged vacation time were 68 percent happier with their jobs than employees who had managers who opposed vacations. 


Nurses and Physicians must plan their vacations early


Before hopping on that jet plane to Paris or booking your next exotic cruise around the world, you may have to request your vacation time one year in advance. This can be anxiety provoking for some nurses and physicians. On the other hand, planning a vacation early may have many perks like cheaper air fare and hotel accommodations. 

Some facilities allow nurses to schedule their vacation time at will if there are enough nurses to cover the staffing needs of the hospital unit. On the downside, during seasons of critical staffing shortages, hospital units can put holds on vacations for all nursing staff. 


Intrigma helps Physicians and Nurses schedule vacations with ease for a sweeter summer


With the freedom to choose their own shifts, nurses will have the power to determine the structure of their workdays and prevent the frustration that sometimes results from one manager handling the entire schedule alone. Nurses can schedule their vacation time with Intrigma scheduling from the comfort of their own homes. 

Intrigma also gives physicians the power and flexibility over their schedules and allows them to properly schedule vacations and paid time off. 

The dog days of summer are here with the help of Intrigma. So sit back, relax, and schedule that vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

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