Telemedicine Staffing

Shifting to telemedicine to meet the demand of COVID-19 inquiries from anywhere

Virtual medicine is globally acknowledged for its remote capabilities that simultaneously provide safety precautions and timely advice.

By remotely connecting patients with physicians, nurses, medical specialists and other hospital staff, telemedicine is keeping the public safe from in-person exposure to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.

With scheduling software that provides real-time aid during medical emergencies and beyond, Intrigma drives efficiency by avoiding understaffing and overstaffing. This enables more patients to be seen efficiently and safely through focused care initiatives.

Covid-19 Telemedicine Solutions:

  • Generate open shifts and notify physicians, nurses, and medical support staff of changes in staffing needs.
  • Creating dedicated Covid-19 staffing units to deal with overflow.
  • Match projected patient volumes with provider efficiency metrics.
  • Enabling shift-splitting to promote flexibility in filling open shifts.
  • Credential tracking and management dashboards. 
  • Tracking overtime for future potential government reimbursement, and setting up specific pay structures for open shifts.
  • Work from centralized, real-time, mobile calendars to add and edit open shifts.
  • Integrate schedules into secure messaging systems, extending trust between users and medical facilities.

To learn more about customized Intrigma solutions, contact our Customer Support team to discuss your healthcare scheduling needs. If you would like to download our Free Scheduler

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