Staffing the Pandemic

With the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis continuing to control the public and private landscape around the globe, healthcare providers are struggling to accurately schedule medical care professionals when and where they’re needed.

To help tackle the constant challenge in staffing emergency rooms, hospitals, urgent cares, and telemedicine groups, the healthcare scheduling experts at Intrigma have developed advanced software solutions that prepare schedules up to 90% faster, while helping to address real-time changes during staffing surges.

Surge Staffing Solutions 

Intrigma creates valuable healthcare staffing solutions that provide technological resources for the surging numbers of medical care providers called to the forefront of the world’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the technology to identify staffing shortages, and advanced AI to accurately manage schedules for hundreds of physicians in a single network, Intrigma healthcare staffing software automatically generates the best possible shift schedules based on each practice’s requirements. We also have outlined a number of staffing best practices to meet surge staffing volume. 

Covid-19 Solutions:

  • Generate open shifts and notify physicians, nurses, and medical support staff of changes in staffing needs in real-time, to meet increased personnel requirements as needed.
  • Work from centralized, real-time, mobile calendars to add and edit open shifts.
  • Fulfill staffing needs, adjust schedules, and trade assignments remotely from any device.
  • Integrate schedules into secure messaging systems, extending trust between users and medical facilities.

Emergency, outpatient and long-term medical staffing support and solutions

COVID-19 is changing lives, and the healthcare community is being stretched thin by the constant need for additional staff in emergency, outpatient and long-term care facilities.

During an advancing health crisis, delivering immediate staffing solutions for healthcare providers is paramount to public health and safety.

Intrigma‘s software effortlessly addresses the complex staffing requirements of each unique facility.

Innovative and real-time medical staffing is evolving with the healthcare community’s needs, and Intrigma is at the forefront in crafting these impactful solutions. During the Covid-19 outbreak, Intrigma is offering a number of specific tools and features to specifically meet increased patient volumes.

To learn more about customized Intrigma solutions, contact our Customer Support team to discuss your healthcare scheduling needs. If you would like to download our Free Scheduler Click Here.

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