United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Visits Intrigma

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand met today with Intrigma founder Tal Eidelberg who provided the Senator with an overview of key innovations behind Intrigma Scheduler, a medical staff scheduling software application that operates on a cloud platform. Intrigma Scheduler is used  across the U.S. and internationally to improve medical staff productivity and deliver quality of care at a lower cost.

“Intrigma which is a startup that has created software to make healthcare administration more efficient so we can actually make sure more patients are being seen, that doctors’ offices can work better and more effectively,” said the Senator

Intrigma offers a sophisticated, yet easy to use medical workforce scheduling solutions that allow clinical professionals and administrators who prepare schedules to save time, increases productivity, and enable a higher throughput of patients.

“In the new age of value based purchasing hospitals will not only be held liable to delivering quality care, but to do so at an affordable price. Intrigma provides the needed scheduling tools on a cloud platform,” added Eidelberg.


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