Track and manage work hour totals.

Sign in once and manage schedules for multiple locations.

Manage constantly changing scribe availability.






Manage constantly changing scribe availability, track and manage work hour totals and more with Intrigma Scheduler Scribe Edition. Chief scribes and administrators can sign in once and manage schedules for multiple locations and receive alerts when scribes are approaching the number of hours their contracted to work.

Simple to Use Scheduling Software and Analysis Tools

Our scheduling software solution offers a diverse feature set that includes schedule creation and analysis tools packaged in an intuitive interface. These features can be personalized to enable any emergency department to tame the complexities of scheduling.

Last Minute Changes

Intrigma’s modern scheduling software was designed from the ground up for the medical setting, and is therefore an ideal tool to rapidly respond to frequent or unforeseen changes. Our scheduling software uses text messaging, email, and the web to establish a clear channel of communication, insuring that the changes to the schedule are not only resolved quickly, but also in a fair and adequate fashion.

Syncing with iPhones and Mobile Devices

If changes to the schedule are not properly communicated, there may be issues with people not showing up when or where they are needed, leading to partial coverage and ultimately, a reduced quality of care for the patient. Intrigma Scheduler enables each scribe to synchronize their personal schedule with their mobile device (iPhones, Android, etc.) and calendaring software (Outlook, iCal, etc.) ensuring that everyone on your team has the most current version of the schedule.

Commitment To The Team

Better schedules reduce the frustration that can be caused by unbalanced schedules. Furthermore, proper scheduling contributes to better clinical performance and improve retention through higher team motivation. Our solution enables online and mobile communication to provide your team with means to trade assignments and communicate. In addition our solution also enables each individuals’ work preferences to be considered so that the workplace elicits top performance. Keeping a comfortable and fair workplace drives quality in work and loyalty within the team.

Coping With Shortages

In situations where a medical unit simply does not have a sufficient number of clinicians to cover the schedule, Intrigma Scheduler truly outshines the pack. Analyzing staff availability across your group and evaluating the best possible options are key features that will see you through complicated situations with ease.