Balance intern, senior resident, and fellow coverage.

Plan and manage rotations with master schedules.

Ensure compliance with ACGME guidelines.

Residency Programs




Residency Programs

Basic Duty Hour reporting isn’t enough: creating compliant schedules and verifying is time consuming and an absolute must.

Intrigma’s solution guides the schedule making process to ensure schedules comply with ACGME requirements — saving time and reducing tedium. In addition, once a compliant schedule is published, mobile notifications can be send sent.

Duty Hour Reporting made easy

With new requirements of documenting residency program hours from the ACGME under the common program requirements, tracking work distributions is an important function. Intrigma’s scheduler allows for advanced reporting, providing clear proof that your program meets these standards, and also guides the user in preparing a schedule, simplifying the process of preparing a schedule and producing all the required reports.

Track everything

You will never have to write a single record of who did what. Intrigma Scheduler Residency Edition tracks every single assignment worked down to the minute. Moreover, it enables you to set both percentage and fixed-number goals for each resident for the year. Using Intrigma’s rule-based scheduling each department can track and ensure that all CME, rotations and other work requirements are met each year for every single student.


The ability to schedule individuals across various groups and locations is a core strength of our Intrigma Scheduler™ Residency Edition. One or more schedulers may work on any part of the schedule and any subset of the staff without worrying about simple mistakes such as assigning too few or too many hours to an individual.

Scheduling To Improve Education

Rather than fighting against the clock to prepare an acceptable schedule, scheduling sessions using Intrigma Scheduler Residency Edition are focused on ensuring that everyone gets a well-balanced schedule with conferences and well-distributed clinical work.

ACGME Duty Hour Rules and More

Rules such as maximum consecutive work days, the hour rules, and regular time off are just a sample of those supported by our dynamic rule engine.

Grand Rounds and Conferences

Easily plan and distribute workload around grand rounds and other functions to ensure each individual receives the proper amount of each activity.

Save Time

Working on the schedule does not have to take an entire week. Our residency clients typically reduce the time spent scheduling by 50–80%. Using the sophisticated interface of Intrigma Scheduler Residency Edition, you can automate every scheduling task, from making a single swap to filling the entire block. Moreover, our analysis tools make scheduling a large group much easier.

iPhone, mobile and 24/7 Access

Residents can use their iPhones and the web to view the schedule and request any modifications. Everyone is connected, and everyone knows what’s going on at all times.