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Schedule one or more locations.

Maintain proper skill mix.






Equitable distribution of call.


Streamline your Radiology scheduling process with Intrigma’s scheduling software
To ensure you have all the radiology, intervention, mammography and other team members assigned at the right time can be time consuming. That’s where Intrigma Scheduler comes in — our unique guided user interface does much more than simplify scheduling and customize schedules. It identifies the most difficult spots and guides the user in through balancing the quotas, identifying shortages and delivering a great schedule quickly.

Saving Time

Preparing a schedule is a tedious distraction. With dozens of considerations and hundreds of options, the task can easily consume hours upon hours. Intrigma’s Radiology Scheduling cloud solution eliminates the complexities, allowing a fair schedule to be produced quickly and confidently.

Proactive Vacation Scheduling

Creating radiology call and vacation schedules requires knowledge of how many radiologists must be scheduled and how many radiologists will be away each day. Additionally, in a cross-functional group with various specialties, this task may become even more complicated. Intrigma’s Radiology staff scheduling software enables multi specialty scheduling with ease.

Fits Your Group’s Policies

When reviewing Radiology scheduling software solutions, it is key to pick one that can truly reflect your group’s scheduling rules. Intrigma Scheduler for Radiology was specifically designed to be fully customized to fit.

Ensuring Adequate Staffing

Using Intrigma’s online staff scheduling software, your group can ensure you have sufficient staff each day across all specialties, divisions and departments.

Detailed Fairness Tracking

To have a truly fair schedule, each Radiologist’s assignments must be tracked individually. Intrigma’s Radiology scheduling software provides an elaborate, configurable tracking system that accounts for each assignment worked. Additionally any deviations from the target assignments are tracked and accounted for in future months.

A Commitment To The Team

Proper Radiology scheduling means finding schedules that address the needs of each physician and all ancillary staff. Better schedules not only increase retention, but also lower team frustration and improve clinical performance. Intrigma’s scheduling software accounts for individual work preferences helping make the workplace comfortable and accommodating.

Handling Last Minute Changes

Unexpected changes are a part of life. With a web solution that lists your Radiology call schedule and empowers your Radiologists to trade, swap, and split assignments, you are equipped to respond ASAP.

Native Mobile Apps

Quickly access and trade assignments, keep you team up to date in real time with the latest schedule changes. Intrigma’s native mobile apps enables every clinician to access the system through a native mobile app with their mobile device (iPhones, Android, etc.) and calendaring software (Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, etc.).