Provide employees with responsive and timely scheduling tools

Allow for more robust communication within the department

Maintain proper skill mix






Configured to meet your group’s individualized rules for scheduling targets, staff availability, assignment correlations, and priorities, Intrigma Psychiatry Scheduling Software takes all of your rules into account to create an error-free schedule.  Behavioral health professionals have the tools needed to increase revenue and improve patient care. Better scheduling allows for more positive work morale which allows for more communication between team members and less clinical frustration. This in turn helps physicians focus on what matters most–the care of patients.

Increase Productivity

Better communicate with all parties to increase number of patients seen and speed of service.

Proactive Vacation Scheduling

In a cross-functional group with various specialties, it is important to know who is scheduled for work and who will be away. Intrigma’s vacation and time off system enables multi-specialty scheduling with ease

Fits Your Group’s Policies

Intrigma’s scheduler for psychiatry was specifically designed to be fully customized to fit your group’s scheduling rules.

Scheduling for Optimal Staff to Patient Ratios

Your group can ensure you have sufficient staff each day across all specialties, divisions, and departments.

Saving Time

Produce a fair schedule, quickly and confidently by eliminating the complexities of scheduling with Intrigma’s software.

Minimize Scheduling Conflicts

Allot vacation time equitably, conveniently notify staff of updates, and build a fair call schedule.

Distributing Work Equally and Tracking Absentees

To provide the fairest schedules, Intrigma’s Psychiatry Scheduling Software provides an elaborate, configurable tracking system that accounts for each shift worked.

Anywhere Availability

View schedules and make requests from phone or tablet while syncing schedules to device calendars. See schedule changes and request approvals wherever you have internet access.