Why A Physician Scheduling Solution Is A Worthy Health IT Investment

recent survey by CIT Group found that 70% of healthcare executives have plans to invest more in technology systems this year.

Electronic health records (EHRs) and appointment scheduling software are often discussed, but there is one area of health technology that we’d venture to say isn’t mentioned as often as it should be.

Effective physician scheduling solutions are providing valuable time and cost saving benefits to medical organizations of all kinds by allowing their teams to create well-distributed shift schedules in a centralized system that can be personalized to all schedule needs. Schedules created with these solutions minimize overwork and complaints among clinicians, and even accommodate a better work/life balance.

Older scheduling methods, on the other hand, often lead to frequent errors in the schedule that need to be corrected, so the time saved by using technology means clinicians can focus on their patients.

Benefits extend to the executives as well, because smarter scheduling allows departments to reorganize and make the best use of their time. Higher departmental efficiency lends to higher retention. Clinicians who feel as though they’re able to spend their time making an actual impact on patients without risk of burnout are more likely to remain with their organization for several years.

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This means lower labor costs because the organization isn’t constantly recruiting and hiring new part- or full-time staff. In fact, it’s such an important concern that it’s the basis for Intrigma’s Efficient Optimizer, which organizations can use to measure current clinician productivity levels against patient visits, and not only use that to optimize their time each day, but also see an estimate of the cost savings.

Find out more about Intrigma’s Efficient Works scheduling and optimization solutions — and why the benefits are more than worth the investment:

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