A Physician Scheduling Solution Should Help Avoid These 7 Mistakes

Is your organization still scheduling using spreadsheets? Or even pen and paper? A less sophisticated scheduling solution can’t handle all of the nuances of a challenging system. Learn how an efficient solution, like Intrigma Efficient Works, can handle the challenge, and even predict many mistakes before you even see them.

  1. Scheduling a late night shift right before a morning shift

A clinician’s schedule needs to keep their health and mental wellness in mind, so that they won’t put the patient’s life at risk by working on too little sleep. An efficient physician scheduling solution can track consecutive shifts and ensure this isn’t overlooked.

  1. Scheduling a clinician to work in two locations at once

A clinician obviously can’t be in two places at the same time, and one location may end up without proper coverage when the assignment is doubled. A scheduling solution can also track this for the scheduler so that the clinicians are made unavailable at all other locations once they’re assigned to one.

  1. Understaffing during the busiest times of day

With data analytics, a department’s staffing needs can be accurately predicted, and a scheduling solution’s color-coded heat mapping can show the schedule the easiest times of day to schedule vs the most difficult.  

  1. Missing important day off requests

Requests are hard to keep track of, especially when there are a lot of clinicians submitting them by email, text, or in person. A scheduling solution gives the scheduler a centralized space to monitor requests as they’re submitted, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

  1. Assigning a clinician to work too many holidays

In the interest of fairness, holidays should be rotated throughout the team as much as possible. These rules can be set within the scheduling solution, and the scheduler will be notified if any actions taken will result in an unfair amount of holidays.

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  1. Constantly correcting calculation errors

One of the reasons that scheduling is so time-consuming is because there are many numbers involved – the amounts of clinicians, shifts, hours, quotas – the list goes on. A scheduling solution will help to reduce those manual calculations, leaving more time to focus on fairness for the team.

  1. Creating a disorganized schedule that no one can understand

Hard copies of schedules can cause confusion about shift times when the organization has a large clinical team, but with a scheduling solution that allows for different schedule views, syncing to devices, and notifications, this headache will be a thing of the past.


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