Track and distribute holiday and vacation time fairly

Prepare Oncology schedules using rule logic, to complete scheduling in a fraction of the time

Manage scheduling in one easy-to-use platform






Communication is valuable to your entire oncology team—between oncologists, nurses, administration, and patients. A breakdown in communication impacts the organization of the business. Ensure communication about scheduling is a simple, efficient task with Intrigma’s Oncology scheduling software. Scheduling software is all the more important with the continued emphasis on electronic health and information exchange. Choose a software that offers transparency and interoperability in a more convenient and cost effective format.

Better Organization

Employees can review and manage their individual schedules in a format that best suits their needs.

Fits Your Group’s Policies

Intrigma’s scheduler for oncology was specifically designed to be fully customized to fit your group’s scheduling rules.

A Comfortable Workplace

Working in the oncology field is stressful. Better schedules help staff improve performance, increase retention, and make the workplace more comfortable and accommodating.

Scheduling for Optimal Staff to Patient Ratios

Your group can ensure you have sufficient staff each day across all specialties, divisions, and departments.

Saving Time

Produce a fair schedule, quickly and confidently by eliminating the complexities of scheduling with Intrigma’s software.

Coping With Shortages

By analyzing staff availability across the group and evaluating the best possible options, Intrigma Oncology  Scheduling will guide you through these complicated situations with ease.

Distributing Work Equally and Tracking Absentees

To provide the fairest schedules, Intrigma’s Oncology Scheduling Software provides an elaborate, configurable tracking system that accounts for each shift worked.

Syncing with iPhones and Mobile Devices

To stay up to date with the latest schedule changes, Intrigma Scheduler allows every staff member to synchronize their personal schedule with their mobile device and calendar software.