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OB/ GYN scheduling is a difficult balance of managing routine appointments and unpredictable deliveries. Through Intrigma’s mobile app, and available anywhere software, know in real time where your practice stands with overtime and under-time, to better allow for schedule changes, time off, and requests. Easily maneuver between on call schedule and daily office schedule across multiple locations.

Eliminating Unnecessary Costs

Intrigma’s scheduling has built in financial considerations to help you create schedules that match your budget and eliminate overtime and supplemental staffing.

Proactive Vacation Scheduling

In a cross-functional group with various specialties, it is important to know who is scheduled for work and who will be away. Intrigma’s vacation and time off system enables multi-specialty scheduling with ease.

Commitment to the Team

Better schedules increase retention, lower team frustration, and improve performance. By accounting for staff preferences, the workplace is more comfortable and accommodating.

Fits Your Group’s Policies

Intrigma’s scheduler for urgent care was specifically designed to be fully customized to fit your group’s scheduling rules.

Ensuring Continuity of Care

With Intrigma’s online staff scheduling software, your medical center can ensure there is sufficient staff across all areas.

Coping With Shortages

By analyzing staff availability across the group and evaluating the best possible options, Intrigma OB/ GYN Scheduling will guide you through these complicated situations with ease.

Saving Time

Produce a fair schedule, quickly and confidently by eliminating the complexities of scheduling with Intrigma’s software.

Native Mobile Apps

Intrigma’s native mobile app enables every employee with access to the schedule and calendar software.