When scheduling is a less demanding task, practice capacity increases

Better organization by allowing employees to review and manage their individual schedules in a format that best suits their needs

Rules and policies enforced automatically






Curb human error in the scheduling process through Intrigma’s Laboratory Scheduling Software. Easily automate and track every aspect of the schedule. Take the guesswork out of scheduling, while ensuring balanced staffing. Handle unexpected schedule changes without stress by easily substituting and filling shifts according to job position, skills, and payroll cost with Intrigma’s Laboratory Scheduling Software. Fairness decisions are packed by solid data that includes seniority and personal preference into the equation.

Distributing Work Equally and Tracking Absentees

To provide the fairest schedules, Intrigma’s Laboratory Scheduling Software provides an elaborate, configurable tracking system that accounts for each shift worked.

Saving Time

Produce a fair schedule, quickly and confidently by eliminating the complexities of scheduling with Intrigma’s software.

Commitment to the Team

Better schedules increase retention, lower team frustration, and improve performance. By accounting for staff preferences, the workplace is more comfortable and accommodating.

Functional Across Multiple Facilities and Departments

Organize a business-wide schedule based on departments and specialty groups or allow for autonomy for each group to build their own schedule based on their unique set of rules. Intrigma’s software tracks every facet of the schedule from payroll to preference to staffing requirements

Last Minute Changes

When unexpected changes arise, Intrigma’s Scheduling Software allows staff members to trade, swap, and split assignments through a network of text, email, and web channels.

Take the Stress Out of Scheduling

Every single day, for every single assignment, meet quotas, rules, and policies.

Reflecting Your Company’s Policies

Intrigma Laboratory Scheduling Software is customizable to fit your company’s scheduling rules.

Native Mobile Apps

Intrigma’s native mobile app enables every employee with access to the schedule and calendar software.