When scheduling is a less demanding task, practice capacity increases

Notify staff members in real time of scheduling and updates through mobile devices

Boost team morale with fair scheduling






Scheduling quickly becomes complicated if a doctor is practicing in several clinics or travels between medical offices. Schedulers and medical support staff must be aware of the doctor and patient schedules, and Intrigma Gastroenterology Software takes the guesswork out of this task. Spend less time planning, and more time servicing patients with shareable shift scheduling software that integrates seamlessly with each employee’s personal calendars and email. When employees enjoy more freedom to adjust and trade schedules, they’re better prepared and capable of performing their duties.

Synchronize Rules, Policies, and Physician Preferences

Quickly and conveniently arrange your scheduling according to office rules and policies, employee preferences, even requests and shift swaps.

Saving Time

Produce a fair schedule, quickly and confidently by eliminating the complexities of scheduling with Intrigma’s software.

Scheduling for Optimal Staff to Patient Ratios

Your group can ensure you have sufficient staff each day across all specialties, divisions, and departments.

Reflecting Your Company’s Policies

Intrigma Gastroenterology Scheduling Software is customizable to fit your company’s scheduling rules.

Last Minute Changes

When unexpected changes arise, Intrigma’s Gastroenterology Scheduling Software allows staff members to trade, swap, and split assignments through a network of text, email, and web channels.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Intrigma’s scheduling has built in financial considerations to help you create schedules that match your budget and eliminate overtime and supplemental staffing.

Increase Productivity

Better communicate with all parties to increase number of patients seen and speed of service.

Native Mobile Apps

Intrigma’s native mobile app enables every employee with access to the schedule and calendar software.