Fight Burnout With Effective Physician Scheduling

Studies have shown that more physicians and nurses than ever are suffering from burnout–a combination of working long shifts in succession, the mental and physical strain of caring for patients while tired, or even exhausted, and little to no work/life balance.

More than half of physicians who participated in a recent Studer Group survey believe their administration has the power to reverse this spread of burnout, and that those leaders simply aren’t doing enough.

Those physicians also noted some changes in their organizations they feel would counter the effects of burnout, with “more realistic scheduling” listed among them.

Work schedules have long been an issue for clinicians, especially for some of the more intense specialties, like emergency medicine.

However, from what we’ve seen when working with schedulers and their healthcare teams, once an effective method of scheduling has been implemented that allows them to achieve their idea of fairness, it conflicts less and less with their daily activities.

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The result is a fairer distribution of shift hours for the physicians, more of those hours dedicated to patient care, and the ability to establish a healthy work/life balance.

Scheduling software is an option for healthcare organizations, one that already has a proven track record of reducing frustration and amplifying productivity.

We’ve outlined a crash course in physician scheduling for more about the benefits of using software:

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