Services range from the practice or departmental level to enterprise level scheduling capabilities

Functional, informational, and flexible

Maintain proper skill mix

Family Practice and Internal Medicine




Family Practice and Internal Medicine

Managing complex scheduling demands is a difficult process. Understaffing compromises service, while overstaffing increases cost and creates idle employees. Handle unexpected schedule changes without stress by easily substituting and filling shifts according to job position, skills, and payroll cost with Intrigma’s Family Practice Scheduling Software. Conveniently reference schedule in real time over web, calendar, or phone and tablet. Providing employees with timely and responsive scheduling tools, not only enhances the physician’s organization and worth ethic, but ultimately enhances patient care and satisfaction.

Increase Productivity

Better organization with all parties increases number of patients seen and speed of service.

Build Schedules with Confidence

Build daily and call schedules quickly and conveniently, with automated policy and rule information integrated.

Scheduling for Optimal Staff to Patient Ratios

Your group can ensure you have sufficient staff each day across all specialties, divisions, and departments.

Last Minute Changes

When unexpected changes arise, Intrigma’s Family Care Scheduling Software allows staff members to trade, swap, and split assignments through a network of text, email, and web channels.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Intrigma’s scheduling has built in financial considerations to help you create schedules that match your budget and eliminate overtime and supplemental staffing.

Reflecting Your Company’s Policies

Intrigma Internal Medicine Scheduling Software is customizable to fit your company’s scheduling rules.

Syncing with iPhones and Mobile Devices

To stay up to date with the latest schedule changes, Intrigma Scheduler allows every staff member to synchronize their personal schedule with their mobile device and calendar software.