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Emergency Medicine




Emergency Medicine

Emergency departments are one of the most challenging medical specialties to schedule due to the highest clinician burnout rate of any specialty and 24/7 staffing requirements. In your group’s schedule, you have to address physician preferences, patient flow fluctuations, overcrowding, and staff shortages. At Intrigma, we understand the challenges, and we built our emergency medicine scheduling software specifically to handle the high pressures of the ED scheduling environment. Intrigma’s emergency medicine scheduling software takes the struggle out of the scheduling process, helping you to create schedules fairly and sensitively, but also quickly and accurately.

Simple to Use Scheduling Software and Analysis Tools

Our scheduling software solution offers a diverse feature set that includes schedule creation and analysis tools packaged in an intuitive interface. These features can be personalized to enable any emergency department to tame the complexities of scheduling.

Saving Time

Preparing a schedule for emergency medicine can be a tedious process. With dozens of considerations and hundreds of options, the task can easily consume hours upon hours. When utilizing Intrigma’s best-of-breed schedule generation engine for Emergency Departments, all the tedious work is eliminated, freeing you to focus on key decisions and fairness.

A Commitment to the Clinical team and the Patient

Deciding to improve the emergency department scheduling process is a commitment. While proper scheduling involves complex logic and workflows, an emergency department can realize substantial benefits by making this commitment to its clinicians. Proper scheduling improves the care delivered to the patient through efficient coverage with better-rested and more motivated staff and does so within a more effective staff-scheduling budget. Schedulers who are committed to the clinicians ensure lower clinician frustration, improve retention, understand productivity and enable the clinicians to perform better. Intrigma’s emergency department scheduling solution accounts for individuals’ work preferences, staffing requirements, clinical productivity metrics, time-off needs and financials and, therefore, elicits top performance by ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment.

The Most Dynamic Scheduling Rule Set

Schedulers who prepare ED schedules are often concerned as to whether a solution will fit their specific scheduling rules. Intrigma Scheduler for Emergency Departments was designed to empower emergency physician schedulers by configuring a dynamic rule and preference engine specific to emergency physician scheduling. You’d be hard pressed to find a scenario that isn’t supported.

Last Minute Changes

Intrigma’s modern scheduling software was designed from the ground up for the medical setting, and is therefore an ideal tool to rapidly respond to frequent or unforeseen changes. Our scheduling software uses text messaging, email, and the web to establish a clear channel of communication, insuring that the changes to the schedule are not only resolved quickly, but also in a fair and adequate fashion.

Coping With Shortages

In situations where a medical unit simply does not have a sufficient number of clinicians to cover the schedule, Intrigma Scheduler truly outshines the pack. Analyzing staff availability across your group and evaluating the best possible options are key features that will see you through complicated situations with ease.

Simplify Scheduling Across Multiple Sites

When a medical group spans across multiple emergency medicine departments, scheduling complexities arise. Considerations for as double-booking, salaries, payroll, bonus time, travel preferences and work preferences must be considered to ensure the team works efficiently and staff is motivated. Intrigma’s scheduling software keeps track of all the scheduling logic: payroll, preferences, staffing requirements for each clinician at each sites, eliminating the need for manual tracking and cumbersome summary calculations that otherwise consume hours upon hours.

Syncing with iPhones and Mobile Devices

If changes to the schedule are not properly communicated, there may be issues with people not showing up when or where they are needed, leading to partial coverage and ultimately, a reduced quality of care for the patient. Intrigma Scheduler for Emergency Departments enables each clinician to synchronize their personal schedule with their mobile device (iPhones, Blackberries, etc.) and calendaring software (Outlook, iCal, etc.) ensuring that everyone on your team has the most current version of the schedule.