About Intrigma Efficient Works

Intrigma Efficient Works helps healthcare organizations reduce the amount of time spent building schedules by up to 90 percent. The solution is unique in its ability to simplify complicated scheduling workflows for both physicians and nurses, and create optimal patient flow for efficient delivery of healthcare. The HIPAA-compliant cloud-based solution includes a free mobile application, enabling better communication between teams and improved retention of skilled staff. Efficient Works is available in Free and Premium versions.

Efficient Scheduler for Physicians
and Advanced Practitioners

“Before this process, we used another software product, but it didn’t have
the power or the flexibility that we needed.”
Dr. Raymond Moreno, Medical Director, Providence St. Vincent, Portland, OR

Optimize your scheduling strategy and prepare schedules in a fraction of the time.

Intrigma’s HIPAA secure cloud platform allows schedulers the flexibility to build quality schedules quickly. Efficient Scheduler for Physicians and Advanced Practitioners can handle all of the nuances of each specialty to quickly create call schedules, skill-mix schedules, or very complex schedules.

Efficient Scheduler doesn’t just fill shifts – use our software to build a strategy that can tackle each specific scheduling challenge. Schedule across multiple sections, sites, or areas, and set user availability for each.

Collect requests, trade or swap shifts, and notify providers of open shifts from the web or using our new, native iOS and Android mobile app!

Balance budget, compliance, and
fairness needs in one centralized system

Efficient Scheduler allows schedulers to maintain fairness by tracking provider workloads, and ensures that important individual and workplace rules are never broken. It easily combines budget and staffing coverage needs with provider preferences to produce the best schedule for the entire team.

Fill empty shifts efficiently
with greater autonomy

Not only can schedulers notify all available providers when there is a shift that needs to be filled, but providers can also trade assignments with one another on various devices. Everyone has a key role in ensuring proper shift coverage, and is motivated by the control they have over their own schedules.

Efficient Scheduler for Nurses

“With self-access, our nurses can make their schedules from home with their families. It’s convenient, easy to use, and they absolutely love it.”
Katrin Diana, RN, BSN Southampton Hospital

Reduce time spent scheduling by up to 90%

Intrigma’s HIPAA secure cloud platform allows schedulers the flexibility to build quality schedules quickly. With the freedom to choose their own shifts, nurses will have the power to determine the structure of their work days and prevent the frustration that sometimes results from one manager handling the entire schedule alone.

Track workloads to monitor
quotas and maintain fairness

The scheduler can track workloads for the entire team to ensure that quotas are being met and that assignments are fairly distributed throughout the schedule.

Manage complex
rule requirements

Use Intrigma’s advanced rule sets to manage seniority rules, work hour requirements, and union labor rules for all nursing staff.

Self-scheduling means
more time spent with patients

Nurses can fill shifts, organize assignments, and solve scheduling issues themselves, with little help needed from administrators. The staff will be empowered and satisfied, leading to more time and attention dedicated to the patients.

Efficient Communications

Efficient Communications operates on the principle that the most productive healthcare teams have no barriers to communication, allowing schedulers to store contact information and reach out to their physicians and nurses as quickly as they need to. They can choose from various methods of contact, so whether it’s a routine need or an emergency, schedulers will spend little to no extra time locating their team members.

Communicate within and across
departments easier than ever before.

Keep physicians updated on important dates and information

With shift reminders and department announcements delivered to physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses through the native mobile app, everyone is always aware of important work details, so miscommunication doesn’t occur and lead to understaffing.

Notify the department about empty shifts

In just a couple of clicks, the scheduler can have a list of physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses who are available for an empty shift, and send emails or text messages to find coverage.

Integrate seamlessly with paging system

If it would work best for your organization to have the schedule integrated with the paging system, that’s easily done with Efficient Communications. Eliminate the need to enter schedule data into a separate system, and easily page anyone on staff with the up-to-date schedule when necessary.

Efficient Optimizer

“Partnering with Intrigma, we approached our patient flow challenge from an engineering standpoint and figured out the constraints impacting throughput.”
Joseph Guarisco, MD FAAEM, FACEP, System Chair of Emergency Services, Ochsner Health System

Match staffing needs to expected patient demand.

Efficient Optimizer aims to make healthcare organizations more productive and assist in maintaining a high quality of patient care, even in the busiest departments. Using patient arrival, left without treatment (LWOT), door to doctor, and door to room data with Efficient Optimizer, recommendations are made for improving patient workflow and quality of care so that the department runs as smoothly as possible.

Anticipate staffing needs to prevent shortages

Based on a detailed analysis of patient arrival rates, Efficient Optimizer will help administrators and schedulers to plan for the amount of physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses needed during the slowest and busiest time periods, allowing the organization to better manage your most valuable resources.

Improve patient satisfaction without extra human resource costs

Efficient Optimizer allows organizations to make the most of the physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses they already have on staff. Everyone remains at their most productive when staffing is optimized to meet patient demands, so patients receive the attention and treatment they need with less wait time and LWOT.

Efficient PayManager

“[The PayManager™] is so easy to use and broken down step-by-step in a way that’s easily understandable for physicians, who are not payroll experts. That transparency means physicians trust the system, and trust administrative staff to manage the system.”
Dr. Nicole Bouchard, MD, FRCPC, NY-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center

We developed a payroll system from the ground up exclusively for healthcare.

Effectively manage overtime and payroll costs with the Efficient PayManager, developed in partnership with Columbia University Medical Center. It is an easy-to-use tool for breaking down pay calculation based on different pay rates, holiday pay, overtime, and more. The PayManager integrates seamlessly with Intrigma Scheduler so your group will save time and reduce human error in payroll entry and calculation.

Simplify payroll’s most
complicated factors

Efficient PayManager accounts for individuals’ pay rates, differential pay, and overtime calculations by integrating closely with our scheduling system. All the math is done for you.

Manage payroll with
less chance of errors

The elegant user interface reduces human error, and makes any errors that do occur easy to correct.

Maintain trust with payroll
transparency for providers

Providers can view an easy-to-understand breakdown of compensation, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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