Efficient Optimizer

“Partnering with Intrigma, we approached our patient flow challenge from an engineering standpoint and figured out the constraints impacting throughput.”

Joseph Guarisco, MD FAAEM, FACEP, System Chair of Emergency Services, Ochsner Health System

Match staffing needs to expected patient demand.

Efficient Optimizer aims to make healthcare organizations more productive and assist in maintaining a high quality of patient care, even in the busiest departments. Using patient arrival, left without treatment (LWOT), door to doctor, and door to room data with Efficient Optimizer, recommendations are made for improving patient workflow and quality of care so that the department runs as smoothly as possible.

Anticipate staffing needs to prevent shortages

Based on a detailed analysis of patient arrival rates, Efficient Optimizer will help administrators and schedulers to plan for the amount of physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses needed during the slowest and busiest time periods, allowing the organization to better manage your most valuable resources.

Improve patient satisfaction without extra human resource costs

Efficient Optimizer allows organizations to make the most of the physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses they already have on staff. Everyone remains at their most productive when staffing is optimized to meet patient demands, so patients receive the attention and treatment they need with less wait time and LWOT.

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