Efficient Scheduler for Nurses

“With self-access, our nurses can make their schedules from home with their families. It’s convenient, easy to use, and they absolutely love it.”
Katrin Diana, RN, BSN Southampton Hospital

Reduce time spent scheduling by up to 90%

Intrigma’s HIPAA secure cloud platform allows schedulers the flexibility to build quality schedules quickly. With the freedom to choose their own shifts, nurses will have the power to determine the structure of their work days and prevent the frustration that sometimes results from one manager handling the entire schedule alone.

Track workloads to monitor
quotas and maintain fairness

The scheduler can track workloads for the entire team to ensure that quotas are being met and that assignments are fairly distributed throughout the schedule.

Manage complex
rule requirements

Use Intrigma’s advanced rule sets to manage seniority rules, work hour requirements, and union labor rules for all nursing staff.

Self-scheduling means
more time spent with patients

Nurses can fill shifts, organize assignments, and solve scheduling issues themselves, with little help needed from administrators. The staff will be empowered and satisfied, leading to more time and attention dedicated to the patients.

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