Why Efficient Physician Scheduling Is Important For Multi-Site Hospitals

Scheduling for one organization is a difficult task in itself, but what about large health systems with ten, twenty, or even more sites whose schedules need to be managed?

Although administrators in any type of organization share similar challenges, large health systems have more clinicians, more patients to care for on a daily basis, and more conflicts if scheduling isn’t handled correctly each month.

The challenges for these larger systems include:

  • Building several schedules at once while avoiding confusion
  • Ensuring clinicians at each site are productive, but not burnt out
  • Maintaining consistent communication between all sites
  • Providing high quality patient care at each site

An efficient physician scheduling solution can address all of the above while reducing the time spent on schedule building (this is especially important if a clinician handles the scheduling).

Here’s how.

Make the paper trail more manageable.
So many schedules, so little time. Multiple clinicians, departments, and sites quickly add up to a disorganized pile. To make matters worse, those schedules are most likely paper copies.

A scheduling solution can reduce those pesky paper cuts, allowing for schedules to be built in an easy-to-use online interface, then emailed to clinicians once they’re published.

Plus, all data gathered is easily printable for record-keeping or audits.

When several sites are involved, the solution should also allow schedulers to switch between each site as needed.

Stay productive while reducing scheduling stress.
With little to no manual calculations to tackle, the scheduler can focus on making sure the schedule is fairly distributed for the team while also staffing the department as needed. Requests and trades are organized to allow the scheduler to sort, approve, or deny, and the clinicians have easy, separate access to submit or edit.

A fairer schedule is a defense against physician burnout, since workload is distributed more equally and the software ensures that consecutive shifts aren’t threatening sleep schedules.

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Not only will a physician scheduling solution mean more productivity for the scheduler and less stress, but it also means a schedule that will satisfy the clinicians and motivate them to provide the best patient care possible.

Easily split scheduling duties.
If scheduling is done by more than one physician or administrator, a solution helps the team to collaborate more efficiently. With data centralized in one location and the ability to auto-save, they no longer have to keep track of the most recently updated documents.

Avoid accidental understaffing and risking patient lives.
Organizations have run into scheduling confusion that resulted in clinicians not showing up for work when they were assigned to be there. Not only does it require someone to sort the problem and possibly face a clinician who isn’t happy with the disorganization, but an absent clinician may also put patient lives in danger.

A scheduling solution will keep track of staffing needs for the scheduler, and also make it easy to notify and remind clinicians of their shift assignments.

Coordinate effortlessly with all sites.
Does the scheduler need to know who’s working the 7 am to 7 pm shift in the emergency department at a location in another state? A scheduling solution should make this a simple matter of signing into their account (on web or mobile) and switching the view to the site they’re looking for.

Read-only versions of schedules should also be available, allowing one department or site to make their schedule visible to others, either fellow clinicians or family members.

Maximize time spent with patients.
When clinicians are satisfied with their schedules, they can use their more organized shift time to attend to patients and build a relationship with them. Quality patient care is the end goal, and happy clinicians usually result in happy, healthy patients.

What’s the hardest thing about scheduling at your multi-site organization? Comment below!




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