Schedule at one or more locations

Provides high quality coverage for patients, yet suits needs of providers

Easy to request days off and swap assignments






It is important to customize the group’s rules to efficiently solve the complex scheduling needs of cardiologists who share time between hospitals, clinics, emergency coverage, and office sites. Improve productivity and work environment through better scheduling, as well as cut costs and added convenience. When you spend less time scheduling, you spend more time giving your patients the quality care they need.

Take the Stress Out of Scheduling

Every single day, for every single assignment, rest assured that you meet quotas, rules, and policies.

Ensuring Continuity of Care

With Intrigma’s online staff scheduling software, your medical center can ensure there is sufficient staff across all areas.

Commitment to the Team

Better schedules increase retention, lower team frustration, and improve performance. By accounting for staff preferences, the workplace is more comfortable and accommodating.

Reflecting Your Company’s Policies

Intrigma Cardiology Scheduling Software is customizable to fit your company’s scheduling rules.

Increase Productivity

Scheduling that allows employees mobile access have been proven to increase efficiency. Employees are better connected with coworkers and can access schedules when and where they want.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Intrigma’s scheduling has built in financial considerations to help you create schedules that match your budget and eliminate overtime and supplemental staffing.

Quickly and Conveniently Pull Reports

Create and share reports to gain insight into call distribution, differential pay, and staff utilization.

Syncing with iPhones and Mobile Devices

To stay up to date with the latest schedule changes, Intrigma Scheduler allows every staff member to synchronize their personal schedule with their mobile device and calendar software.