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Which Medical Specialty Has the Most Complex Schedule?

Anesthesia or OB/GYN? Emergency department or hospitalists? Which specialty has the most difficult scheduling rules? The answer is not that simple. While all medical specialties have complex schedules, a few stand out on top of the list. Luckily, scheduling software can simplify the process. This can make life easier for everyone, both scheduler, and provider. […]

Poor Staffing And Scheduling Are Causing Nurses To Leave The Profession. Could Employing Self Scheduling Techniques Be The Answer To Stay In The Game?

“Nothing is as far away as one minute ago.” Jim Bishop Time. It’s that thing that keeps ticking away on a clock. And for nurses, time and flexible work schedules are essential to maintaining a healthy work life balance. At the present time, when an abundant number of nurses are wanting to exit the profession, […]

Staffing and Schedules: Yes, Nurse Managers Get Burnt Out Too!

Let’s face it, nurse managers have a tough job scheduling and staffing their hospital units with appropriate nursing staff. There’s a lot sitting on a nurse managers plate: quality patient care, safety, and pairing that with the most qualified nursing staff. Scheduling can be an arduous daily task for even the most experienced nurse manager. […]

What Do Nurses Really Want for Nurses Week?

Nurses Week is a time every May (the 6th-12th) when nurses are recognized, typically through small tokens of appreciation like cups, water bottles, or gift certificates. But what do nurses really want (and need)? While nurses enjoy these presents, you could give them something truly valuable that will help make their lives easier. Discover what […]