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The True Cost of Employee Overtime in Healthcare

Employee overtime can affect more than your organization’s bottom line. It can impact employee morale, performance, and health, and it can even impact your patients. Making sure your organization tracks overtime can lead to improved employee satisfaction and a better bottom line for your organization. Overtime effect on the workforce Overtime has been shown to […]

The Physician Burnout Rate Is at an All-Time High. Scheduling Software Can Help.

Physician burnout is at an all-time high. Between the challenges associated with COVID-19, poor work-life balance and family responsibilities, time pressures, and electronic health record (EHR) requirements, it’s no wonder physicians are feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, scheduling software can offer vital support to your providers. Statistics prove the point Burnout is a syndrome recognized by the World […]

How to Simplify Your On-Call Scheduling

On-call scheduling may feel like a thankless job. It can be difficult and frustrating, to say the least, but it doesn’t have to be. Scheduling software can simplify this challenge while providing visibility and improving communication with providers. Visibility is key A crucial element to simplifying on-call scheduling is visibility. With Intrigma’s scheduling software, you […]

Keys to Effective Workforce Management

Inefficient management can harm employee satisfaction and retention – a recipe for disaster. Effective workforce management, on the other hand, can maximize performance in organizations. This means taking advantage of information technology to evaluate and optimize workforce systems, particularly in regards to scheduling. Workforce management is especially significant in healthcare, where organization and performance are […]

Help Decrease Employee Stress During the COVID-19 Era

Healthcare workers face stress daily for many reasons, but COVID-19 has created a whole new level of stress in the healthcare field. Fortunately, your organization can alleviate some of it by streamlining your processes and utilizing scheduling software. Pandemic stressors Since COVID-19 appeared, healthcare workers have found themselves facing new stressors (besides the obvious health […]