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Your Complete Guide to Provider Scheduling

Many healthcare organizations believe that their scheduling software does only that – generate schedules. However, technology has advanced, and the best scheduling software can do so much more. It has the ability to save your organization and providers time, impact the work-life balance of your providers, and improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees. […]

How Flexible Scheduling Can Impact Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Employee satisfaction is a major factor in staff retention, so helping your employees achieve a work-life balance is key to keeping valuable employees. Scheduling software that offers remote access and flexible scheduling, such as shift trades and swaps, open shifts pick up, and even self-scheduling can impact your employees in a positive manner, enabling them […]

How Intrigma Can Help Your Organization During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many new challenges to healthcare in the United States and across the world. From patient surges to healthcare worker exposure and illness, the potential to be caught off guard is a real threat to staff and patients alike. Scheduling software can help your organization match provider availability and productivity to […]

Keeping Your Office Open and Safe During COVID-19

There are many steps an office can take to ensure safe operations during COVID-19. Along with social distancing and infection control measures, you can utilize scheduling software to reduce the risk of exposure to staff and providers. By using telemedicine and planning for staffing shortages and patient surges, you can reduce the pandemic’s impact on […]

Ways to Simplify Residency Scheduling

Residents look forward to match day to learn what programs they may be spending the next four years of their life with. While match day may be a pinnacle for residents, it is just the beginning of a long and arduous residency scheduling process. Fortunately, efficient and automated scheduling software can create schedule transparency, control […]