5 Tips For Showing Appreciation To Your Healthcare Staff

Without dedicated, hardworking clinicians, healthcare organizations cannot properly serve their number one purpose: providing excellent care for their patients.

On Employee Appreciation Day,  physicians, nurses, and advanced practitioners should be shown that they are valued for the hours they spend caring for others every day.

Here are some ideas for making Employee Appreciation Day a meaningful one.

A small celebration during work hours

Bring in a few breakfast or lunch selections from a restaurant that the team enjoys. Since meal breaks can be sporadic, make the buffet available in the break room for two or three hours, so as many people as possible can stop by and participate.

Another idea is to hold a lighthearted award ceremony, where each clinician is presented with a personalized award related to what they do on a daily basis. Not only will the awards brighten their day, it’ll also be a token of appreciation that they can display for months afterwards.

Appreciation giveaways

Get creative with this option – instead of the standard t-shirts or mugs, consider mousepads, laptop decals, bookmarks, etc. The giveaways don’t have to break the budget to be fun and interesting. You can even pick a theme for the day, and choose your giveaways based on that theme.

A mini-forum so employees can express concerns

Clinicians should not be afraid to voice their opinions–especially if they feel that an organizational process isn’t working well for the team–and it’s your job, as an administrator, to listen to their concerns and take action.

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Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect time to sit down in a group (or several, depending on when everyone is available) to list these concerns and prioritize them so that changes can be made to improve efficiency and satisfaction across the board.

After-work team activities

The team that works well together, stays together. The same goes for teams that spend time together after work. Plan a group outing for an activity that a lot of people enjoy, whether it’s golfing, bowling, or happy hour. It’s a great way for everyone to get to know their coworkers, if they don’t already, and to shift the focus away from work for awhile.

Show it every day of the year.

No matter how busy your organization is on a monthly basis, you should always take the time out to send an appreciative email (or even a handwritten note!) to your clinicians or, ideally, meet face to face to catch up with them and express how valuable they are to the team.

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