3 Ways A Physician Scheduling Solution Can Benefit The IT Department

You and your clinicians probably groan aloud at the thought of implementing another software product.

However, they probably have the same reaction to their shift schedule each month, and you have to admit that the constant complaints to your department about the current scheduling software are tiring.

An efficient physician scheduling solution can offer some benefits that you may not want to pass up, even if it does mean taking on another product:

1. Option to streamline login information

One of the biggest complaints from clinicians with new software is that they’ll have to create another username and password to add to their already long list.

With our Efficient Works platforms, we’ve implemented single sign-on so that clinicians can use their organizational logins to access our system as well. This is an easy transition for the IT department, and one less complaint to field.

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2. More time to focus on other data systems

A big issue with the health technology that clinicians use on a daily basis is how time-consuming they can be.

An efficient physician scheduling solution should save time, and Intrigma’s solutions were built to do exactly that. Changes to the schedule can be made quickly on any device with the Efficient Scheduler, and that benefit allows for clinicians to devote their valuable time to patient care and staying productive with the other technology systems they work with.

3. Easy integrations with paging and other systems

Streamlined communication in the healthcare setting is important enough that a scheduling solution should be flexible enough to support that.

For example, the Efficient Scheduler can integrate with your organization’s paging, so it becomes a seamless benefit to the department by working with a system that the clinicians are already well-adjusted to.


For more on what an efficient physician scheduling solution can do for your organization, contact our solutions specialists: 

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